Zeste Santé committed to better human and environmental health

We conduct market research and design research focussed on people and sustainability. We collaboratively design innovative tools and resources to address health, social and environmental challenges.

Our expertise

Zeste Health, market and observational research to facilitate value-added discussions.

Identify the real issues experienced by patients and healthcare professionals to advance the overall quality of care.

Optimise the development and facilitate the implementation of medical innovations to improve patient outcomes.

Zeste Designis, collaborative design to improve health and wellbeing for people and places.

We work collaboratively to develop innovative and transformative solutions to improve patient health and journeys.

We build on experience and knowledge sharing to create positive and sustainable change in complex ecosystems.

Our values


We lead by example through an approach based on transparency and ethics. We factor in our environmental footprint through our actions centred on people and our collective future.

Participatory creativity

We foster mutual enrichment by collective intelligence, creative confidence and actions that bring people together. We combine the knowledge and skills of all to design meaningful solutions that can be applied in real life.


We are catalysts for dialogue. We treat each person’s experience as real and significant and inspire meaningful discussion. We strive for mutual well-being, community interest and mindfulness in all our actions.

Transformative resilience

We trust in our ability to meet the challenges. We are creative, even in adversity, and are the architects of our own future. We show resilience when faced with failure. We use what we learn from these experiences to make sustainable progress.

Why choose Zeste Santé?

We co-design projects focusing on human and environmental health in line with our values and commitments. This guarantees collaborative approaches that meet both your objectives and those of the end clients.

Confidentiality & Data Privacy

Respecting confidentiality and anonymity is at the heart of our profession. This applies to project-related information, personal data of healthcare professionals, patients and other stakeholders.

Expertise & Continuous Learning

We offer our experience and knowledge to help others. We surround ourselves with talented, committed, caring employees and partners. We know how to take a step back and do not rest on our laurels.

Communication & Transparency

Meaningful exchanges and quality communication based on transparency are at the core of our practice. We facilitate conversations between stakeholders and communicate our progress.

We are an independent & team-orientated company with a 360° understanding of the healthcare sector, we place the patient experience and well-being for all at the centre of our projects.

Zeste: a source for innovative health and sustainability driven initiatives

Design like a beaver

Design like a beaver (La méthode castor) is an educational and community outreach programme designed to inform, inspire and empower place-based transformative collaborations & action(ism) through promoting creative confidence, empathy for all life, bioregional wisdom, & collective imagination.

It aims to nurture a creative and democratic practice of diagnosis and problem solving though the device of a practical framework and a set of regenerative principles and tools.

Why the beaver? Beavers are curious, social and resilient beings that hold the secrets and wisdom of regenerative practice. They lead by example, having 33 million years of experience as a keystone species.

The beaver as a storyteller aims to create a wise but playful ambassador for nature; allowing us to collectively address humans in an optimistic, constructive and non-judgmental tone.

The concept has been developed in partnership with teachers, local stakeholders and specialists in design for social innovation and sustainability.

Regenerative design for innovative learning and thinking

People & Places

A social research toolkit designed in the form of a board game. Its objective is to provide, in a ludic and interactive way, a unique glimpse into a senior person’s daily life.

Available both for health professionals & social workers as well as other intermediary contacts, the game serves as a support to create meaningful dialogue with seniors and better understand their social, emotional, physical and practical needs. The aim is to empower people as they get older to co-design their own social participation solutions and promote intergenerational solidarity.

People & Places was a winner of the 5th edition of the Silver Surfer ‘call for projects’ organized by Eurasanté and was showcased during the Lille World Design Capital in 2020.

Design for social innovation

Shared gardens

Shared gardens a key pillar of your local sustainability strategy? These convivial, participative and eco-designed spaces not only have the potential to promote biodiversity and enable people to reconnect with local nature; they also encourage intergenerational solidarity. Zeste Designis supports you in a shared garden initiative of high social, environmental and educational value so as to:
  • Strengthen your circular economy and zero waste policies and actions
  • Promote local and seasonal food sources
  • Encourage biodiversity and reconnect with local wildlife
  • Develop collective imagination and caring culture
We facilitate (creative & educational) participatory design workshops for the creation and development of your shared garden. Design for participative, and sustainable local initiatives

The art of resilience café

It is often very difficult for stoke survivors and their families to express themselves about their condition, experiences, fears, needs and hopes. ‘The art of resilience café’ offers them a safe, friendly and informal physical environment conducive for peer-to-peer gatherings, conversation and creativity. Over a cup of coffee and a healthy snack, participants can share information, experiences and creative ideas, as well as participate in a series of creative workshops designed to inform, engage and nurture creativity and transformative resilience. Research and design for better patient journeys

They trust us

Zeste Santé is taking on new challenges for social and environmental health, well done!

Doctor in Oncology and haematology

The communication from Zeste is perfect: always clear and all the questions we have are dealt with quickly. What is more, the team is very proactive (e.g. ethics, contact with the site for updates), which we really appreciate.

Research Director – Healthcare Research Agency, UK

Our customer is very impressed by the translations produced and the expertise of the Zeste team. They provided excellent translations. They can be used without any further work. Thank you very much for this level of quality in your work and exchanges!

Project Director – International Healthcare Market Research Agency, USA